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is not the time to hike taxes on anyone. a week later, we had virginia senator webb joining the chorus and on the 13th, more determines circulated a letter in the house of representatives demanding the same. and two days later, 31 more democrats joining that band wagon. and then new jersey congress plan saying they do not go far enough. the more they piled on, the more the dow gained and to date, 7 percent for the month. the tax tush -- tax turn around on the democrats was not what was causing it. now what? >>guest: there is a real relationship in your chart. as you know, the capital gains tax is highly related to stock values. if you raise the capital gains tax, stocks go down and if you cut the values go up. remember what happened in may of 2003 when president bush signed the cut, we had a bounce in the market. there is something to the chart. the more democrats say, we should extend the tax cuts for everyone, that is good for markets. >>neil: the argument is you buy on the rumor and you sell on the fact but what if the fact does not happen? what if this cut in taxes they are looking
jersey. and the sweep in virginia. and now christine o'donnell knocking out a veteran republican in delaware. do you see a pattern here? they are winning because they are standing up against big spending. yet we see no change of behavior from democrats still coulding for even more spending. the democratic strategist on whether he is worrying. you have to wonder, richard, if they are learning anything from any of the developments. >>guest: there is no denying, is there, that by virtue of the tea party you have at least four senate candidates in now delaware, nevada, kentucky, and colorado, who would not have been nominees but for the tea party and who stand a much worse chance of winning their senate seat. so you trillion me, you will be here on election night. >>neil: but that is not what i asked, is it? i asked whether in response to tea party as angry about spending and it has been a repeated pattern through the year, the next day the administration or congress continues with spending as if the night before never occurred. >>guest: two percent of the public say they are a tea p
evacuation route that could be involved in heavy traffic would be that one across the bridge into virginia and virginia, obviously, is as prepared as we are. we have a great coalition of governors who work together but ordinarily one takes care of one's own state and north carolina, we are ready and prepared for the weather. >>neil: have you talked to president obama? >>guest: i have not spoken to the president myself but let me be very direct about fema, north carolina has had good experiences and bad expenses with fema over the years when we have a hurricane or disaster. the fema office here in north carolina has been on the ground, they have been a full partner since day before yesterday. water, food, supplies, all we can ask for, and the president signed the emergency order last night, so as of today north carolina is getting 75 percent of the costs from the federal government on the front end and that is unusual for storms. we usually have to beg and plead after. i cannot be any happier with the system we have from our local government on up. no wonder my state is called the best prep
: the illegal immigrant accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving crash just indicted in virginia. carlos montinello already had two duis before the accident. he was caught and released ones. turns out that has happened more than half a million times to other illegals. my next guest not shocked. with the board of super viceors in virginia. i was startled how often this happens. what is being done to police it? >> i got to say that i'm not surprised by the obama administration's policy, you know, the half million illegal aliens who are identified in the number are simply those who have not returned for the deportation hearing. but there are approximately 1.2 million. >> neil: who would go back for a deportation hearing if you knew it was a deportation hearing and it didn't look good of course, you wouldn't go back. >> an illegal alien and you committed a crime and you are a criminal and they release you and say please come back for the deportation hearing and naturally they don't. when they are out there they commit more crimes and don't show up for the deportation hearing and there are mo
: virginia woman the first round in court in august when they defeated the administration's motion to throw it out of court and now october 18 they are going to trial. that is a big step. until until but what is weird, this is the law of the land and it could be a fractured law and a challenged law but it is the law of the land. it is difficult to undo this. but it is weird that so many are still trying to sell it as if they had serious doubts themselves. >>guest: they know the election will be decided on what people believe about the health law. the president labeled this the major accomplishment of his administration. so, there is a lot of politics riding on this. i am looking at the point of the family. it sounds good you can put your kids on the health plan until 26 but it will push up premiums. there is no tooth fairy. you get more, you pay more. >>neil: and the tooth fairy is covered. >>guest: you have to get "the sky is the limit" land with no cap on payouts, you have to get the buffet of preventive care upfront, and you have to get all of this. >>neil: thank you very much. well, the
a low cost low tax state like alabama. >> and we have coming up shortly, a democrat from virginia, who is going to campaign with tim from the dnc in favor of not raising taxes on the rich. it seems there is a large chunk of the democrat party that is against raising taxes on the rich january 1st. >>guest: the democratic candidate for the u.s. senate if missouri came out against allowing the bush tax to expire. and the democratic chairman of the senate budget committee from north dakota, senator conrad. but this is election year posturing. democrats know they are in deep difficulty on the economic issue, and a poll this week showed them behind on jobs, on the issue of the economy, and behind on spending and deficits and republicans high on health care, where democrats normally have a lead of 20 or 30 points. we will see if they back it up with the vote. >> so, this is a lot of politicking and at the end of the day taxes go up open the rich, is that what you think? >> i hope not. it depends on how many republicans are elected to the senate and house and how much spine they have and who b
receiving 249 million bucks in stiy cash and then meeting with the ceo of a wind power company in virginia. my next gleast says these expensive initiatives aren't going to work and taxpais ite a will be shen whck with the b00. a filmmaker extraordinaire. good to have you back. what do you make of this? >> well, it is a pity that as americans as losing jobs across teaerica that the president is going to this. look, green jod s are myths. they are lovely idea but they are horrendously expensive. they are not real jod s and i think americans know it. americans know what their job is worth nowadays and whether thst er indi stry is making moy and if not they are scared and so they know the green jod s ae government creations. they look nice and smell pretty but thhe mi are not real and ty are not long lasting. >> neil: begs to differ saying vehicles and such over the longer term and for altevenatives to o00 like wint3 et cetera is going to make this money well spent and jod s well worth it. >> well, we tried it in europe being the home of green jod s. thhe mi found out that each grn job costs $
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8